The Rainforest Trust has partnered with us over the next three years to bring the vision of a permanently protected area on Mount Namuli to life. Your donation to Legado, through The Rainforest Trust, will help protect one of the world’s most threatened mountain ecosystems and empower the people who call it home.

We invite you to champion Legado by making a generous donation today. Every dollar helps to secure a vibrant future for Mount Namuli and the people who depend on it.

ten-dollarsProvides motorbike transport for our local team to travel between Namuli communities for a month.


Covers our team’s costs for an entire week while they work with the community on Mount Namuli.

250Gives four Namuli households the opportunity build a permagarden and learn about conservation agriculture techniques with our team.


Sponsors a three-month pilot environmental stewardship program in local communities around Mount Namuli.

All gifts are tax-deductible and much appreciated.