In 2010, professional climber and social entrepreneur Majka Burhardt was sent a photo of a granite rock face in northern Mozambique.

Majka’s curiosity about what was behind and beyond that rock face ultimately led to a May 2014 expedition with an international team of biologists, climbers, conservation workers, and filmmakers who collaborated in an exploration of Mozambique’s second highest peak, Mount Namuli. The expedition spent a month conducting cliffside scientific and conservation research and fieldwork, using rock climbing to access previously unexplored habitats.

The 2014 expedition and a 2011 reconnaissance expedition were the catalysts to develop Legado, a global venture catalysing legacy-driven leadership to support a flourishing future for the people and biodiversity in Africa.


A world in which individual choices lead to a collective legacy of a thriving planet


Catalysing legacy-driven leadership to support a flourishing future for the people and biodiversity in Africa

Legado currently has three significant initiatives to support its vision

Legado’s flagship initiative that aims to develop a community-based management system around Mount Namuli so people and ecosystems can thrive together.

Legado: Namuli

What happens when a team of rock climbers, biologists, and conservationists sets off on an unconventional expedition into one of the world’s least explored and most threatened habitats, Mount Namuli Mozambique?

Namuli: The Film

The big conservation and development challenges in our world require strong future leaders. We help train, equip and empower young leaders from around the world.

The Legado Fellows

Why is it called “Legado”?

Mount Namuli is the ancestral home to millions of people, and the mountain is a standing symbol of hope and prosperity for the future. For this reason, we chose the name to “legado”, which translates to “legacy” in Portuguese (Mozambique’s official language). As you explore Legado, you’ll learn how our curiosity about a chain of mountains in Mozambique is inspiring acts of leadership and legacy around the world.

What is “legacy-driven” leadership?

We define legacy by the mark you leave on the world. A legacy-driven model of conservation is one that aims to design a future that includes increased sustainability and improved livelihoods through participatory design and leadership opportunities with local stakeholders. Leveraging globally-recognized adaptive management practices, legacy-driven conservation creates stakeholder ownership over future vision while simultaneously improving the present status of people and biodiversity.

Backed by the Best

Legado is funded, in part, by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) — a joint initiative of l’Agence Française de Développement, Conservation International, the European Union, the Global Environment Facility, the Government of Japan, the MacArthur Foundation and the World Bank. Additional support from a variety of funders and partners:

Jane B Cook Memorial Trust

Photography Credit: Rob Frost (all)