A year of conservation, community and impact

It’s my pleasure to share with you Legado’s first-ever Annual Report: a big-picture look at the impact you have made in Mozambique through your generous support.

Together, we put Mount Namuli on the global conservation priority list, hosted permagarden training for over 100 locals, shared Namuli, the film, on 31 stages in 8 countries and more.

We’re a lean shop that runs a tight ship. Transparency is important to us and we’re proud to share how we put your generous donations to work in 2016.

The Queen of Namuli (yes, there’s a real Queen), rolled up her sleeves and got dirty with us at permagarden training. Read about what she thought of the experience.

This is really just the beginning. Learn about what we’re digging into in 2017 together. Think: local leadership, sustainable food systems, high altitude conservation, solar energy, and more.

Thank you for your generous support!