Legado’s Majka Burhardt Named as Mulago Henry Arnhold Fellow

In June of 2018, Legado’s Executive Director, Majka Burhardt, was named as one of Mulago’s Henry Arnhold Fellows– a group of “standout leaders focused on scalable solutions in conservation and climate.”

Mulago is providing Legado critical funds and tools to scale our work from Mount Namuli to four other mountains by 2021. We’re grateful for their support of our work protecting mountain ecosystems and the downstream impact on millions each ecosystem has.

The 2018 Mulago Henry Arnhold Fellows

From Mulago:  “For the last 15 years, our Rainer Arnhold Fellows program has been focused on social entrepreneurs with scalable solutions to poverty.  Through that work we’ve come to see that A) development efforts to help the poor will ultimately fail if we continue to erode the ecological underpinnings of prosperity, and B) the social entrepreneurship movement needs to penetrate more deeply into conservation.  Conservation and development are two halves of a prosperous future. 

The core idea of our new Henry Arnhold Fellows program is that instead of a project-by-project (or battle-by-battle) approach, conservation needs a growing array of scalable solutions that can be applied in the places where they are most likely to work.

The best way to tell you what we mean by that is to tell you what they do.  Here are our 2018 Henry Arnhold Fellows:

  • Sarah Frazee – Meat Naturally restores degraded rangelands: African pastoralists get access to good markets in exchange for good grazing management.
  • Chris Filardi – Nia Tero helps indigenous peoples tie their development aspirations to effective guardianship of the ecosystems on which they depend.
  • Nonette Royo – The Tenure Facility helps indigenous peoples achieve control of their land so that they can control its fate – and their own.
  • Julien Vincent – Market Forces blocks destructive coal projects like coal mines and coal-fired power plants through grassroots campaigns aimed at would-be financiers.
  • Majka Burhardt – Legado assures that unique mountain ecosystems thrive through win-win agreements that assure the well-being of people and place. 
  • Heffa Schuecking– Urgewald creates climate-smart investment standards, persuades European companies to adopt them, and changes the behavior of entire industries.
  • Gladys Kalema-Zikisoka – Conservation Through Public Health helps human communities become healthier in ways that prevent disease in mountain gorillas.
  • Paul Salaman – Rainforest Trust finds and funds local groups that help communities achieve control and protection of their own lands.

This is the future; these are the organizations to watch.  Support them.  Fund them.  There’s no time to wait.”

 We’re honored to have Mulago’s support!