Welcome to The Agrarian House

“Day by day, our actions have an impact on the environment. If we cut and burn the forests today, and don’t plant trees for tomorrow, the forests and water that the trees protect will be gone. What we do in our fields and forests today will have consequences for tomorrow. Each day we have the opportunity to create our future – by working together to protect the environment, we can ensure good production and a healthy ecosystem for today and tomorrow”

These words kicked off the official inauguration of Namuli’s Agrarian House a few weeks ago!

The Agrarian House is a storage facility for crops that are produced in Namuli communities. The idea is that with proper storage, crops will last longer. The House also provides community members with increased access to agricultural supplies at a lower price.

The Agrarian house is a collective effort of the community together with the Legado: Namuli team.

From the inception of the idea to the last layer of paint, community members put their heads and hands into action to get the Agrarian House built.