Happy Bees Come From a Healthy Forest

Legado: Namuli’s field team has been working hard with Nitidae’s new technical beekeeping technician, Juliano Rodrigues, and local honey partner Agri-Mel to introduce sustainable beekeeping and honey production practices into communities.

Weekly trainings have prepared the team for eco-friendly beekeeping in the mountain forests of Namuli. From preparation and installation of catch boxes to monitoring and management of colonies, each week the team continues to build their knowledge on bees, honey, and what it means to care for a busy hive — and the experience isn’t complete without a few stings!

The eucalyptus trees, flowering native plants, and high elevation forests are prime habitats for bees, and by working together with community members to cultivate techniques for sustainable beehive care, production, and harvest, we can continue to work towards protecting the forests and the bees of Namuli from threats of fire and deforestation, while supporting continued pollination and a sweet alternative source of income for communities.