Big Change Calls for Creativity

Big change calls for creativity – and at Legado, we like to be creative.

Change in our minds can start in an endless variety of ways, and it just might even begin with a puppet show.

A group of primary school students from Mucunha worked with Legado: Namuli’s team to put together a puppet show about the use of fire, its impacts on the forest, and the implications for the community and its resources. They gave names, faces, and even hair made of yarn to characters that represented members of their community and their agricultural practices.

With a compelling plot, an understanding of the importance of a healthy environment, and a stuffed monkey, the kids put into play the principles they have learned about protecting the future of their forests, fields, and rivers.

By using the creative alternative methods from Campaigns for Conservation, the Legado: Namuli team has been working with all ages of Namuli’s community members to teach and disseminate ideas and practices for a sustainable future!