Cabbage Seeds Self Production


The Legado Namuli Project is prioritizing seed access for producers and supporting horticultural production as an alternative to potato cultivation in Mount Namuli’s upland forests. Cabbage is a key crop for Namuli’s farmers; however, in order to acquire cabbage seeds, they depend on purchasing the seeds from industrial suppliers. This can present a limiting step on the path towards production. As a way to support seed security and farmer autonomy, Legado Namuli is experimenting with techniques to support solutions that will allow farmers to produce their own cabbage seeds, without relying on the external supply of the seed suppliers.

The field team launched a pilot test to assess the suitability of cabbage seed production in the Namuli agro-climatic context. Although constraints with coronavirus limited the possibility of launching this activity in communities, the team innovated to plant and monitor growth rates and seed production in the office garden. The cabbage crop thrives in Namuli’s mountain climate and seed security will elevate the autonomy of farmers to diversify their gardens in the mountain’s lowlands.