Community Facilitators: Building the Foundation for Land Security


Individual and community land rights and the legal recognition of these lands is a foundational step in planning for thriving futures. The Legado Namuli team has dedicated a large part of the last year to laying the groundwork for securing land tenure in the communities surrounding Mount Namuli. Beginning with the Natural Resource Management Committees, the team developed trainings and activated discussions around land rights, land use and sustainable natural resource management to reenergize the committees towards securing land tenure and effectively managing their community’s resources.

We recruited and trained local community facilitators who have shown a keen interest in serving their community by leading them through this process.

The community facilitators studied satellite imagery mapping and the digital platform for registering official parcel ownership, along with Mozambican Land and Conservation Law, and will represent their communities in carrying out the land delimitation work and beyond. Land security in the communities of Mount Namuli is a foundational step towards achieving community ownership for natural resource management and leadership in a thriving vision for the future.