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The 2019 Legado Fellows are a group of 28 undergraduate and graduate students from around the world — 20 from Sub-Saharan Africa and 8 from other parts of the globe. As emerging leaders in conservation and development, the Fellows will convene at the 2019 Legado Fellows Symposium in Mozambique (dates to be announced mid-2018).

For ten days the Fellows will participate in a symposium led by industry experts who will provide integrated, multidisciplinary training to cultivate a dynamic and connected approach to conservation, science, natural resource stewardship, and leadership. The training will include cutting edge conservation planning and management principles, leadership development models, Leave No Trace environmental stewardship techniques, on-site field visits, and examinations of real-world challenges facing conservation and development. You can learn more about the Legado Fellows’ program here.

The most valuable part of this Symposium for me is the diversity of people, experience and ideas. The more we share with each other, the more inspired and excited I become to continue learning about conservation and biodiversity.

Vuyelwa, 2015 Legado Fellow

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Note, the first round of applications are not due until October 1st 2018, but we have rolling admissions and therefore the sooner you apply, the sooner you will find out if you’re on the team.


The investment required to become a Legado Fellow depends on a handful of different factors. If you’re concerned about funding, don’t let it deter you from applying. We’re keen to help you develop funding solutions and opportunities that allow excellent participants to be a part of the Legado Fellows program.

African Participants:

You will have access to 22 scholarships that are available through our sponsors as well as through your peers.

Non-African Participants:

An investment of $6,000 USD covers your tuition as well as that of one of your African counterparts. You can fundraise this, apply for grants, or cover it from your personal finances. Whatever works best for you! This investment does not include flights, but it does cover all other costs for participation once you’ve arrived to Mozambique.


African Participants:

Undergraduate Juniors and Seniors and Masters Students will receive priority.

Junior staff of NGO’s and Government Agencies are also encouraged to apply.

We are looking for a couple of great teaching assistants to join us, if you are a PhD student please contact email directly to discuss together if you would be a good fit.

Non-African Participants:

Undergraduate and Masters Students are encouraged to apply.

This initial screening form will introduce you to Majka and Eric— the two Legado team members running point in the 2019 Legado Fellows. Upon receipt of the form we will send you an official 2019 Fellows Application.
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*Please stay tuned for our exact location for the 2019 Legado Fellows Symposium–
our 2015 Symposium was held in Gorongosa National Park and is a top contender for 2019…