Nelson Piassone Mulezere, Mozambique

Nelson Piassone Mulezere, Mozambique, Positive Tracks Next Gen | Undergraduate student majoring in Biological Sciences at Universidade Lúrio, Pemba. At present, my professional vision is to be a conservation biologist. I have started a course in biological sciences that has shown me a broader view of methods for the conservation of the environment. What inspires me to participate in the … Read More

Aurélio Rodriguês Pais, Mozambique

Aurélio Rodriguês Pais, Mozambique, Masters candidate in Management and Conservation of Biodiversity, at Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo: Since my childhood, I have had a great passion for nature. It is only when I got in school that I started understanding the importance of planting and taking care of the forests. In 2007 I entered the Eduardo Mondlane University to study Forest … Read More

Vuyelwa Nandipha, South Africa

Vuyelwa Nandipha, South Africa, Positive Tracks Next Gen | Undergraduate student majoring in Social Science Geography and Environmental Management at the University of KwaZulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg: My passions in life consist of protecting the environment and assisting people through sharing the knowledge I have obtained from University. I come from a  community and home where education and assisting people especially those who … Read More

Regina Leonardo Muianga, Mozambique

Regina Leonardo Muianga, Mozambique, Masters candidate in Management and Conservation of Biodiversity at Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo: In addition to my graduate studies at the University of Eduardo Mondlane, I am a technician in the Ministry for Land, Environment and Rural Development; National Directorate of Environmental Management. My specific job is related on development of National Strategy, Policies and National Regulation to protect … Read More

Vasco Lino, Mozambique

Vasco Lino, Mozambique, Positive Tracks Next Gen | Undergraduate student majoring in Biological Sciences at Universidade Lúrio, Pemba. The environmental conservation in Mozambique needs us to keep working. [I think this] because we have many places with a beautiful landscape and [not everyone will go to] see what is happening there and what kind of the species are there if it is … Read More

Maegan Richards, USA

Maegan Richards, USA, Positive Tracks Next Gen | Undergraduate student majoring in Geosciences at Princeton University: Taking part in the Lost Mountain Symposium inspires me because it seems like the perfect fit for my diverse interests in the environment and working with people towards conservation goals. While I have not decided on a career path, I know I love the outdoors, and I am … Read More

Catherine Kimmel, USA

Catherine Kimmel, Positive Tracks Next Gen | High School Student, New York: I am inspired to join the Symposium because it the opportunity to join a world-class team that is focused on making connections between the environment, the community, and climbing is remarkable. In fact, the chance to learn and explore with this team, while combining conservation, science and adventure, is truly … Read More

Grant Bemis, USA

Grant Bemis, Positive Tracks Next Gen | BA in Environmental Studies with minors in Biology, Chinese, and Art, Eckard College 2014: I first became aware of The Lost Mountain Project the summer before my senior year of college. My high school science professor at Breck School first put me in touch with Majka, and as it turns out, Majka and … Read More

Luis Dinis, LUPA Executive Director, Mozambique

Luis Dinis is the Executive Director and co-founder of LUPA (Associação para o Desenvolvimento Comunitário), our Mozambique-based conservation team. He has a Masters In Agronomy and prior to LUPA worked with Helvetas for 19 years Prior to working in conservation and development he was a coach of the Mozambican Swim team in the Soul (’88) and Barcelona (’92) Olympics. Dinis … Read More

The Lost Mountain In Action

In November, 2011 The Lost Mountain Reconnaissance team was able to complete a successful expedition to Mt Namuli. Our blog contains our from-the-field reports of this expedition including: stories, video sketches, and photos. Please scroll below for all of the entries. The 2011 Lost Mountain Reconnaissance Expedition was fully supported by Osprey Packs, The Petzl Foundation, and Outdoor Research. We … Read More