The Proof is in the Permagarden

(Post 3 of our Permagarden Photo Essay from Legado Fellow Grant Bemis)With all the pieces in place and now armed with knowledge from the classroom, it was time to get to work and assemble our first permagarden. Coupling the classroom knowledge with hands-on experience really seemed to click for everyone, and the garden was quickly shaping up. Why “Permagarden?” The ... Read More

Sourcing Local, Building A-Frames, and Best Practices

Members of the Legado field team, the Namuli community, and the Gurue Institute of Agriculture participating in the permagarden workshop. (Post 2 of our Permagarden Photo Essay from Legado Fellow Grant Bemis) Sourcing Local, Building A-Frames, and Best Practices: (Post 2 of our Permagarden Photo Essay from Legado Fellow Grant Bemis) The Permagarden training was a mix of hands on ... Read More

Conservation Takes Root: Permagadening on Mount Namuli

Mount Namuli possesses some of the richest and most-underprotected biodiversity in the Eastern Afromontane and is home to over 12,000 people who live and farm on its mosaic of forests, grasslands, and fields. Legado: Namuli began a Permagarden program on Mount Namuli in 2015 to support farmers to better understand and work with nature and to maximize soil and plant ... Read More

First Impressions: Namuli

Legado is pleased to welcome Sergio Cumbula as the new head of LUPA’s Community Conservation Team for Legado: Namuli. Sergio just returned from a visit to Namuli with our field team and shares the following blog about his experience. In October 2016, I visited Namuli for the first time. I was impressed by the special aesthetic quality of the landscape resulting from … Read More

Namuli Film at Instadoc Film Festival in Maputo

October 11th was the 3rd annual Instidoc Film Festival in Maputo was the public premiere of the Namuli film in Mozambique.  The theme of the night focused on biodiversity and environmentalism within the country.  Namuli premiered alongside films that showcased the conservation projects at the Parque Nacional de Gorongosa and the Partial Marine Reserve of Ponta de Ouro, some of … Read More

Namuli 2016 Field Update in Pictures

17 images tell the story of Legado Fellow Alum, Grant Bemis’, time working with our field team in May and June as our Field Logistics Manager. Read and see more here.

Humans of Namuli: Elias Faustino

Elias Faustino is a friend, a father, a farmer and the community leader of Carruca. Elias lives in a single room brick structure with his wife and their seven children on the southwestern flank of Mount Namuli. Most days, Elias wakes up with the sun at around 5:30 AM, eats some xima (grits like meal made from corn) and heads … Read More

Namuli Film Trailer Release: Official Press Release

In celebration of International Mountain Day, Ukalene Productions releases the official film trailer: Namuli. The community-backed film documents the spirit of exploration and what happens when a team of rock climbers, biologists, and conservationists sets off on an unconventional expedition into one of the world’s least explored and most threatened habitats. The film follows an international crew as they push the bounds of friendship, climbing, and scientific research on the 2,000-foot granite face of Mozambique’s second highest mountain, Mount Namuli.

The Lost Mountain Becomes LEGADO

Five years ago, professional climber and social entrepreneur Majka Burhardt saw a photo of a rock face in Africa and launched what is now an international conservation and development initiative on Mount Namuli, the second highest mountain in Mozambique. In the beginning we called the initiative the Lost Mountain. We’ve transitioned to a new name, LEGADO (“legacy” in Portuguese, Mozambique’s … Read More