A journey of adventure, discovery, and
legacy building in Mozambique in 2020.

Mozambique 2020 Legacy Expedition

Lightyear Leadership Global Shareback | September 26- October 5th, 2020

We have a future to craft together.

In September 2020, Legado is joining forces with Lightyear Leadership to bring 10 leaders to
Mount Namuli in Mozambique for a
once-in-a-lifetime journey
to the heart of our world’s most endangered mountain ecosystems.

The trip will include hiking, sharing with local communities on Mount Namuli, having an audience with the Queen of Namuli, and exploring a side of Mozambique rarely experienced. Our 10-day journey will culminate in three days of Lightyear leadership training with the communities around Mount Namuli.

Two years ago, Legado and Lightyear brought together over 90 people from across Namuli, Mozambique, and the world— from Nicau, Namuli’s northern outpost to Los Angeles, from a Canadian running for political office in Vancouver to a Lomwe Queen, from a government official living in a coastal capital to a cassava farmer making her living on the slopes of a mountain. And together we created goals and visions for orphanages, forests, education, chickens and fields — thriving futures for all.

In 2020 we’re doing it again.
And we want you to be a part of it

Why Legacy?

Legado’s goal is to create thriving futures for Sky Island people and biodiversity. And we believe this goal is possible when everyone we work with can articulate, believe, and act upon their personal and collective legacies (Legado means “legacy” in Portuguese).

To achieve this goal, Legado has partnered with Lightyear Leadership since 2015. Lightyear is a program which teaches a self-leadership method that helps people cultivate the best in themselves, while transforming their communities.

“My experience traveling to Mt. Namuli and working with Legado was exceptional. The participants in our 3-day workshop, founded in the curriculum of Lightyear Leadership, ranged from community members, to agricultural specialists, to Ministry Officials. This area of the planet is more beautiful than anywhere I’ve traveled and I’d be thrilled for another opportunity to walk under the open sky of Mozambique. Majka’s style of leadership includes self-discovery, autonomy, and movement. I came away from my trip to Mt Namuli a transformed person and more able to be in service of my own community.“ – Christine Bachman

Legado + Lightyear + You in 2020

Join us to elevate the impact of conservation, integrate choice, and develop greater possibility for current and future generations that depend on Sky Islands and call them home.

Join us in this extraordinary adventure as we cumulatively contribute $100,000 to share Lightyear foundational programs with the communities Legado works with on our flagship Sky Island in Mozambique: Mount Namuli.

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Fundraising and Investment FAQ

Each trip participant will commit to an tax-receiptable investment of $10,000 USD to meet our collective goal of $100,000 to expand the scope and reach of Legado’s legacy leadership work in Mozambique.

These funds will cover:

  • All in-country expenses directly related to your stay including food, lodging, transportation, adventures and more.
  • The investment required to produce three-day Lightyear leadership trainings with the Mount Namuli community.
  • Supporting the initiatives of Legado to continue protecting Sky Island’s critical mountain ecosystem by working hand in hand with the people who call the mountain home.

The impact of this Legacy Expedition will support 300 emerging leaders, advance a sustainable food system for 12,000 people, and protect the watershed for two of the largest rivers in Southeast Africa.

Your commitment of $10,000 can be met by making a direct donation or fundraising from your own community, and 100% of it is tax-deductible in the United States and Canada.

If you decide to fundraise, we are 100% invested in supporting you in reaching your goal and have fundraising experts on hand to coach you through this process every step of the way. Fundraising will be done largely online through Keela, a fundraising platform that makes engaging your family, friends and community easy.

2020 Legacy Expedition Details

Your journey starts and wraps in
the beautiful town of Nampula, Mozambique.

  • Nampula is a short two-hour flight from Johannesburg. Johannesburg has direct flights from worldwide destinations including New York, Atlanta, and London and is a portal to world-class safari opportunities.
  • Nampula is one of our team’s personal favorite spots to end our Legacy Expedition programs because it’s the perfect launch point to reach Isle Mozambique—an incredible historic beach destination that is the perfect place to unwind and relax after our journey together is complete.

Our Journey Together

Our time together will be full of adventure, discovery, and legacy building. From exploring the flanks of Mount Namuli, to building a legacy with Namuli’s mountain people, by the time you leave Mozambique you will have catalyzed a new generation of leaders and advanced your personal legacy.

Highlights include:

  • Adventuring on Mount Namuli through hikes, runs, and yoga.
  • Connecting with Mount Namuli community members in their home communities on the side of the mountain in during the 3 day leadership training.
  • Learning about what Namuli’s communities are doing to create a thriving future for their mountain and their families.
  • Journeying in Namuli’s foothills on moto-bike and on foot.
  • Understanding Mount Namuli’s history through an audience with the Queen of Namuli.

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