“Legado promises to be a portable paragon for land and habitat protection in Earth’s threatened places.” 

Mountain Life Magazine


“[The LEGADO: Symposium] is aimed at bringing together forty university students, scientists and conservationists and will focus on conservation planning and management principles, leadership development models and “Leave No Trace techniques, and will examine the challenges facing conservation and development.”

Star Africa

“Beauty in a Blurry Photo – Merging climbing, science, and conservation in Mozambique”

The Cleanest Line, Patagonia


“The students from Mozambique like Gerson and Aurélio make up the core of the LEGADO Symposium group—they represent the bright future that lays ahead for conservation in their own country.”

EO Wilson Biodiversity Association

Press Releases
December 11, 2015: Namuli Film Trailer Launched

North Conway, NH— December 11, 2015— In celebration of International Mountain Day, Ukalene Productions releases the official film trailer: Namuli. The community-backed film documents the spirit of exploration and what happens when a team of rock climbers, biologists, and conservationists sets off on an unconventional expedition into one of the world’s least explored and most threatened habitats.

July 28 2015: Successful Lost Mountain Next Gen Symposium WRAP Press Release

Maputo, Mozambique–July 28, 2015–The Lost Mountain Next Gen Symposium a success: “For my team and I, the symposium was a very valuable experience,” explains Geraldo Palalane, Project Officer at LUPA – The Lost Mountain’s Mozambique-based conservation partner. “To really bring significant change, I know that the tools and skills I learned at the symposium must be shared with my colleagues,” Palalane reflects. “I look forward to a day in the future when this group reconnects and we share all of the ways we have implemented what we have learned both on Mount Namuli and around the world.”

July 16 2015: The Lost Mountain Next Gen Symposium Is Underway Press Release

Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique–July 16, 2015–Since July 11, 2015, Gorongosa National Park has hosted 33 African and North American students, adventurers, scientists and conservation leaders for the first ever Lost Mountain Next Gen Symposium. “There has already been a lot of excitement and information,” says Salvador Nanvonamuquitxo, a Graduate student at Universidad Lurio, Mocuba, Mozambique. “From meeting new people to learning so much about different cultures— we all have a love of the environment as our common denominator…”  Read on Blog

July 3 2015: The Lost Mountain Next Gen Symposium Announces Presenting Partner Positive Tracks

Maputo, Mozambique–July 3, 2015– Positive Tracks is the perfect presenting partner for the 2015 Next Gen Symposium,” Burhardt explains. “Their vision to empower and engage young people to make an impact in their own communities and around the world resonates with the center of what we are doing at the Lost Mountain.”

July 1 2015: The Lost Mountain Next Gen Symposium Press Release

Maputo, Mozambique–July 1, 2015–On July 11th the 2015 Lost Mountain Next Gen Symposium will bring together an international group of university students, scientists, conservation leaders and professional adventurers in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. The twelve-day symposium will launch conversation on “disruptive” conservation–a new model for building community-driven conservation in some of the world’s most remote and biologically diverse places in the world… Download Press Release | Read on Blog

June 4 2014: Successful Expedition Press Release

Gurue, Mozambique –June 4, 2014 –An international team of rock climbers, entomologists, and herpetologists gathered on the summit of Mt. Namuli, Zambezia, Mozambique on May 27th at the culmination of the 30-day, 18-member Lost Mountain expedition… Download Press Release  | Read On Blog

Press Kit For 2014 Expedition

ADDITIONAL MEDIA FROM LEGADO (prior to 2015 called The Lost Mountain):

The Lost Mountain Music Video featuring The Road Is Kind, a song written and recorded by Jacob Bain on the flanks of Mt Namuli on Day 23 of the expedition. We released this music video in honor and support of our Positive Tracks Next Gen fundraising effort.

Old Man Ray, song and video produced in the field on Mt Mulanje, in Malawi, with Jacob Bain leading the musical charge and video footage by Rob Frost Media, and James Q Martin

The Lost Mountain on Kickstarter
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Photography Credit: James Q Martin