Dan Sarles

Executive Director, Eaglemere Foundation | USA

Dan Sarles serves as executive director of his family’s Boston-based Eaglemere Foundation. In this role since April 2013, he directs foundation priorities, manages operations, conducts due diligence, and oversees the distribution of funds. Eaglemere’s primary focus is environmental conservation, with a secondary commitment to global health and development, seeking out organizations that are pragmatic, collaborative, and science-based. Under Sarles’ leadership, Eaglemere has concentrated their conservation efforts on programmatic areas of restoring freshwater ecosystems, preventing deforestation, and protecting intact landscapes. Eaglemere has supported such work in diverse geographies, including Alaska, Colorado, California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in the United States, and in Guyana, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. Eaglemere also supports WWF’s Arctic Program and Guiana Shield Project. Sarles is a trustee of Manomet, a conservation science nonprofit, and a member of advisory councils for Earthjustice, Oxfam America, Charles River Watershed Association, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, and North and South Rivers Watershed Association. He also serves as administrative managing member of Sarles Family Investments, stewarding investments in venture capital, private equity, private debt, and real estate. He has career experience in market research, entrepreneurship, and operational management. Sarles received a BA in history from Princeton University, an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin, and an MS in environmental management and sustainability from Illinois Institute of Technology.