When women lead, good things happen. Their communities make gains in climate resilience and cultural preservation. Children’s health and school attendance improve. And more underrepresented people—including the women themselves—feel empowered to make their voices heard and help drive sustainable change.

Here are some of the

Women leading 360° Community-Led Change around the world:

“I'm proud to help lead my community towards implementing our legacy plan. There are many others like me, including many women, who want to move these plans forward and achieve our vision for our future.”
Leverina Ricardo, Niwiri Village, Mucunha, Mozambique
“I am a leader because my family and the community have entrusted me as the leader of Mucunha. I have worked to ensure that all the voices of Mucunha are heard. I was born and raised here, so I want to see Mucunha grow!”
Adelina Jaquissone, the Queen of Mucunha, Mozambique
“I'm a leader because the community makes me a leader; when I give orientation, the community accepts it and follows. My main orientation has been for people in the community to plant fruit trees and spare trees in their houses, because I want people to have their houses protected from the wind, for people to improve their diet by eating fruit, and for them to use fruit to make a profit and improve their family's livelihood.”
Ramussa Chicopera, the leader of Ecuro, Murrotxo, and Namtoconha villages, in Mucunha, Mozambique
“The way of talking about our community, our conservancy, and the good legacy we want is good because it gives us the know-how and opportunity to talk about the status of our conservancy and what we want for the future in our plan.”
Sirei Lentukunye, Ndikir Village, Ngilai Wildlife Community Conservancy, Kenya
“I am motivated and ready to continue working with our partners and communities, creating lasting partnerships for the implementation of community priorities and achieving a Thriving Future.”
Ana Fernandez, Futuros Vivos: Megantoni-Machiguenga Program Coordinator, Peru
“I believe that the power to protect and improve the quality of ecosystems lies in the hands of local communities. In my work, I want to contribute to maintaining the ecological function of the Great Mount Namuli. Being a woman leader is important because, with our strength clothed in grace, passion, humility, and resilience, we can be powerful agents of change in our country and in the world!”
Kassia Macassa, Legado Assistant Coordinator & Program Deputy Lead, Namuli Wiwanana, Mozambique

“Legado has been with us since the start of Ngilai as a community conservancy. It has been keen on elevating women's voices by making sure we're included in training and meetings and that our voices are heard. They even went ahead to participate in an all-women training on rangelands and governance using their interactive training, which we loved. I can say that women were fully engaged in choosing their priorities, personally being there from start to finish in all steps. I can say that what has been read here is what we choose as a community."

Mayanae Lemojong, Conservancy Vice-Chair, Ngilai, Kenya