Ofélia Jofero, Mount Namuli Mozambique So that people and the natural environment around them can thrive together – now and into the future. HOW WE DO IT Legado activates the power of legacy
around the world

Human well-being and the health of the environment are inextricably linked, but conservation and development efforts remain largely siloed and externally driven. As a result, initiatives to improve the lives of people and preserve nature in the world’s last wild places rarely succeed over the long-term.

It’s time for a change

Legado offers a radical new approach for securing THRIVING FUTURES for both people and the wild places they call home.

Legado means Legacy.

It's who we

Legado's 2020
Annual Report:

Legacy and the Pursuit of
Thriving Futures for All

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Elias Faustino checking thatching grasses on the flanks of Mount Namuli. Elias lives in Namuli's Curuca Community and has been a participant in Legado's Legacy Programming since 2015 | Photograph by Eric Wilburn

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