Legado Activates The Power of Legacy

So that people and nature can thrive together
- now and into the future.

how we do it
Community members from Mucunha, Mozambique celebrating the formal recognition of their community land. (Photo: Roshni Lodhia/Legado).

Legacy: A Legado Film

Watch Legacy, Legado's 4-minute film, showcasing the true power of legacies and what it takes to build Thriving Futures around the world. Shot in Mozambique and Kenya in 2021 by Roshni Lodhia, Legacy features community ambassadors Mayanae Lemojong and Inácio Josefe Napalacué.


Climate change is the greatest threat of our time.

But how we’re talking about solutions is incomplete.
We don’t just need to protect land and biodiversity, we need to create Thriving Futures, where both places and people thrive.

A Thriving Futures solution needs a locally-led approach. We must begin with indigenous peoples and local communities, who are stewards of 85% of land needed to meet conservation targets and among the most vulnerable to climate impacts.

For too long solutions have taken a siloed approach, marginalized local people, and left out their voices. As a result, solutions have often failed to create long-lasting change.

It’s time for a change

Legado offers a new way forward with our radical approach that secures Thriving Futures for both people and the places they call home.

Ngilai community members and Legado Senior Program Manager Monicah Mbiba discuss legacy at a community convening in Northern Kenya. (Photo: Roshni Lodhia/Legado).

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Legado partners with regional and local organizations to work across their team to co-create Thriving Futures in a way that best meets the priorities of the communities they serve. These partnerships include:


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Legado is directly supported by a variety of generous foundations, corporations, and private donors, among them:

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