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Mount Namuli, Mozambique | Roshni Lodhia/Legado
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Bridgespan case study highlights Legado’s work advancing community-driven change in Northern Kenya

May 23, 2024
The Bridgespan Group
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Majka Burhardt shares what climbing and motherhood taught her about conservation—and how they led her to found Legado

May 17, 2023
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Proposed new ecoregion would help protect unique ecosystem on Mount Namuli

March 13, 2024
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    A Legado Film


    Watch Legacy, Legado's 4-minute film, showcasing the true power of legacy in action and what it takes to build Thriving Futures™ around the world. Shot in Mozambique and Kenya in 2022 by Roshni Lodhia, Legacy features Mayanae Lemojong and Inácio Josefe Napalacué, two of our key community ambassadors.

    O Nosso Legado é Namuli

    Watch the four-minute film created by the Namuli communities, Legado, and Nitiade, O Nosso Legado é Namuli (Our Legacy Is Namuli) created in 2022. The film was narrated by Fáusia José, features Inácio Josefe Napalacué and has an original song written by Alexandre Maquina, Alvarino Rapissone, and the NRMC of Murrabué and performed by Sara Ruibeiro.

    Explore Namuli Today

    We teamed up with Google Jump and filmmaker Ross Henry to create a 3-minute Virtual Reality film, Mountains = Water = Life, to take you right to the heart of the mountain. This is legacy in action.

    Mountains = Water = Life tells the story about the power of one mountain and its water — tracking water from the rainforests on top of Mount Namuli all the way on its journey to the Indian Ocean — 200 miles away. Need another reason to check it out? It’s narrated by the Queen of Namuli herself.

    So, get your VR goggles ready and check the film out in English above or, you can see the film in Portuguese here. If you don’t have VR goggles, no worries at all – you can still check out the film on YouTube and explore the 360 view of Mount Namuli by clicking and dragging around the screen.

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    In 2017, Legado received a Jump Start grant from Google. Jump Start is run by Google to connect creators with virtual reality (VR) cameras and to amplify their content. With this generous funding and equipment, the Legado team, along with filmmaker Ross Henry, created two short VR films to help take people like you to the heart of the mountain.

    explore namuli

    Explore Namuli is Legado’s new online experience that allows you to tour Namuli in 360. Visit the Murexta Plateau and Namuli’s rainforest, see mud bricks being made under the Namuli sun, join a soccer game and more. If you’ve ever wanted to visit Namuli but don’t want to take the multi-day journey to get there — this is your chance!
    Explore Namuli Now

    Watch Namuli
    — the film

    Legado began with a pioneering expedition combining climbing, science, and conservation on Mount Namuli. See the internationally acclaimed film about our unconventional roots.