January - March 2024 Update

Thriving Futures.
Thriving Planet.

Welcome to our first quarterly report of 2024. Inside you’ll find updates on what Thriving Futures look like in action. Thank you for your partnership as we support local and Indigenous communities to build healthy communities and landscapes by activating the power of legacy.


Our Model

Legado Is:

A women-led, global nonprofit that works alongside local and Indigenous communities in places important for biodiversity. We support communities as they design and implement solutions of their choosing that benefit both their communities and landscapes—an outcome we call Thriving Futures.

Khadija Lelesara, from Loruko village in Ngilai, Kenya | Roshni Lodhia/Legado

Where We Work:

The Legado Approach

What We Do:
We Activate Legacy


We work alongside Indigenous partners and local communities to activate legacy. A legacy is a vision people set for themselves and their landscapes that builds on a community's already existing strengths.

How We Do It:
360° Community-Led Change


Working alongside communities, we take a 360° view of priorities by considering how all aspects of well-being intersect. We foster 360° inclusivity, centering traditionally underrepresented voices—particularly women and youth.

The Outcome:
Thriving Futures

Indigenous people lead efforts at every step along the way as they advance holistic climate justice solutions.

A Thriving Future Timeline

3-6 Months

Activation of Community Voices
"I have shared my vision for tomorrow"

Stage 1:

Megantoni-Machiguenga, Peru

6-12 Months

Legacy Plan Development
"We are working together to put our plans into action"

Stage 2:

Murrabue, Mozambique

1-5 Years

Legacy Plan Implementation and Resource Mobilization
"We are making our plans a reality by taking collective action and unlocking critical support from the government and funders on our terms"

Stage 3:

Mucunha, Mozambique
Nkishon Supat E Ngilai, Kenya

Q1 Impact Highlights


Community-identified priorities in process in Q1, supporting community health, livelihoods, biodiversity, and more while creating lasting change led by communities—with 36 directly driving local government planning


increase in women being part of the community planning process in Ngilai, Kenya, since partnerships launched in 2020


Peruvian women hired to help drive the growth of our newest partnerships in the Andes-Amazon


babies delivered in Q1 at the community-designed Lolkuniyani Maternal Shelter and Ngilai Dispensary in Northern Kenya—the first in Ngilai to support traditional Samburu medicine while providing emergency care



    Partnership drives our work. To truly center local legacies, we work with regional and local partner organizations to co-create Thriving Futures in a way that best meets the priorities of the communities they serve. These partnerships include:
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    Ngilai Community Conservancy

    Placeholder Image

    The Megantoni National Sanctuary, National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (SERNANP)

    Placeholder Image

    The Machiguenga Communal Reserve, National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (SERNANP)

    Placeholder Image

    ECA Maeni

    Placeholder Image

    Namuli Wiwanana

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    Northern Rangelands Trust


    The Spotlight

    Board member Dr. Alaka Wali shares why centering women is crucial for advancing climate justice

    Centering women is a core tenant of Legado’s 360° Community-Led Change approach—and a critical part of advancing climate justice in places important for biodiversity, 80% of which are stewarded by local and Indigenous communities. In this Q&A, Legado Board Member, anthropologist, and Curator Emerita at Chicago’s Field Museum Dr. Alaka Wali shares why centering women is absolutely crucial to Legado’s approach.

    Read the full story here
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    Mparkenoi Lenkurikuri in the community garden outside the Lolkunyiani Maternity Shelter in Ngilai, Kenya | Legado

    Quarterly Updates

    Community partnership formed in Peru

    In Q1, our all-woman team worked in tandem with multiple partners to finalize our plan to begin supporting legacies in Saniriato, a rural community with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous residents. Located in the district of Echarati, it is part of the Megantoni National Santuary’s buffer zone. In March, the leadership teams from the Megantoni National Sanctuary, Machiguenga Communal Reserve (part of SERNANP, the National Protected Areas Service of Peru), and the ECA Maeni (co-management body of the Machiguenga Communal Reserve), agencies that help steward Peru’s Natural Protected Areas and a key partners in the Andes-Amazon, finalized the collaborative work plan to guide the multi-sectoral team’s partnership as it supports the Thriving Futures process in Saniriato and others to come.

    Health Clinic in Macunha
    Our partners with SERNANP discuss the FVMM Initiative.

    Supporting communal health in Mucunha

    In Mozambique’s Mucunha Community, our Namuli team is actively in the accompaniment phase, meaning we are working alongside community members to implement their priorities. This quarter, implementation focused on continuing to support the construction of the community health center, the community’s current top priority to support communal health and reduce deforestation.
    “I'm a leader because the community makes me a leader; when I give orientation, the community accepts it and follows. My main orientation has been for people in the community to plant fruit trees and spare trees in their houses, because I want people to have their houses protected from the wind, for people to improve their diet by eating fruit, and for them to use fruit to make a profit and improve their family's livelihood.”
    Ramussa Chicopera
    Placeholder Image
    Ramussa Chicopera, the leader of Ecuro, Murrotxo, and Namtoconha villages, in Mucunha, Mozambique

    Building community support and spirit in Murrabué

    The Murrabué Community on Mount Namuli, Mozambique, has been working to finalize its Community Legacy Plan. This quarter, the community came together to create an anthem in Lomwe as well as their community crest to incorporate into their plan.

    From the Murrabué Community Anthem
    (translated from Lomwe):

    In the Murrabué community, the union of Namuli gives us great joy. You can see it in our smiles.

    We must protect our rivers in Namuli—the Malema, the Licungo and all our rivers.

    We must protect the birds and animals we name for our children's children to see and know.

    We ask God to give us grace and to preserve a future for us, a future, a better future.

    Laying the groundwork to support stronger livelihoods on Mount Namuli

    Our team also continued work supporting another community-identified priority in both Murrabué and Mucunha: a new Village Savings and Loan Association to support stronger livelihoods. This project will provide a critical underpinning for better health, education, healthy biodiversity, and more. Our team conducted baseline interviews with members from each community to contextualize data from the area’s current family-level economy and community members’ previous experience with saving groups into the development of the program.
    Health Clinic in Macunha
    Alfredo Valentim, from Murrabue-sede, after receiving his t-shirt identifying him as a Community Promoter. | Legado

    Bringing community voices into conservancy management in Ngilai

    In Ngilai, Northern Kenya, the Legado Ngilai team continued its efforts to integrate the Ngilai Wildlife Community Conservancy Management Plan into the Conservancy Legacy Management Plan (CLMP). The CLMP is the first of its kind: it incorporates the community-defined priorities defined in their Legacy Plan and their vision for their Thriving Future into the conservancy management plan, leading to a robust plan that includes people’s voices into the management of their community conservancy.
    “It is possible to have a meeting whereby we can have men, women and morans (young men) participate in one way or another. We all get to share in these meetings with Legado, and this shows that our five year plan was inclusive of everyone. This is a plan that starts from a point of strength, which are the things that we have as a community. … If we can keep on with this momentum from the meetings, then we will go far and achieve all our 5 year priorities together.”
    John Lentanyishe, a teacher from Tepele Village
    Women at Lolkuniyani Maternal shelter after receiving a Mama Pack, a few weeks after a successful delivery in the facility. | Legado

    Advancing community-identified priorities in Northern Kenya

    With our partners, Legado continued to support Ngilai communities as they advanced two of the community’s leading priorities:
    • Community Health: Community members led and ensured the maintenance of the Ngilai Dispensary and Lolkuniyani maternity shelter, where a number of healthy babies have been delivered this quarter. After delivery, new moms also received “Mama packs” to support healthy infants.
    • Clearing invasive species and restoring degraded land: This cross-cutting priority was defined by community members in their five-year Conservancy Legacy Management Plan. This quarter, Ngilai Wildlife Community Conservancy used their carbon funds to restore degraded land and clear invasive species in Nchok Rehabilitation site, which was fenced using Samburu County Funds.
    “Legado has been with us since the start of Ngilai as a community conservancy. It has been keen on elevating women's voices by making sure we're included in training and meetings and that our voices are heard. They even went ahead to participate in an all-women training on rangelands and governance using their interactive training, which we loved. I can say that women were fully engaged in choosing their priorities, personally being there from start to finish in all steps. I can say that what has been read here is what we choose as a community."
    Mayanae Lemojong

    Mayanae Lemojong, Conservancy Vice-Chair, sharing after an all conservancy members meeting held in January 2024 with over 500 community members in attendance |Roshni Lodhia/Legado



    In January, Executive Director Majka Burhardt and Chief Partnerships and Programs Officer Tita Alvira gave a presentation to the Network of Engaged International Donors as part of the 2024 Women & Climate Change Solutions Giving Circle. They shared how Legado’s approach centers women in the pursuit of climate justice.

    A team from Busura visited Legado's Ngilai partnership in Northern Kenya in January to see the activities at the Lolkuniyani Maternal Shelter and to learn more about Legacy Planning.

    In February, Ana Lemos, our Deputy Director of Programs, participated in a panel at the University of Florida to share with faculty and students Legado’s approach to biocultural conservation—one that’s holistic, community-led, and grounded in local partnership.

    Legado’s Senior Program Manager Filipa Oitavén was featured in an article by Mongabay about the possibility of a new ecoregion in Southern Africa that would include Mount Namuli. Mount Namuli is where Legado started—and the place that taught us the importance of supporting holistic, Indigenous-led solutions for biodiversity loss.



    We were recently joined by four new staff members who are passionate about supporting Thriving Futures.
    Flor Angela Zuniga Tipe has joined our newest partnership in Peru as our Futuros Vivos: Megantoni-Machiguenga Community Coordinator.
    Rocio Esther Díaz Vásquez is also contributing to our growing Peru team as the Futuros Vivos: Megantoni-Machiguenga Program Manager.
    Pamela Montero Alvarez joined our team as a Thriving Future Program Trainer, based in Peru and operating across our global programs.
    Urszula “Ula” Stankiewicz, based in the US, joins our global team as Legado’s Deputy Chief of Staff.



    Join us for a Legacy Expedition

    Want to see Legado’s work in action? Our Peru Legacy Expedition is taking place June 10-20, 2025—and we’d love for you to join us. Or join us January 30-February 8 to visit the Mathews Mountain Range in Kenya.
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    Our virtual Spring Town Hall is happening May 8 at 9 a.m. PST // noon EST // 6 p.m. CAT. This Town Hall we’ll zero in on the question: Does centering women’s voices really make a difference when it comes to pursuing climate justice? The answer for us is a resounding yes!

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