The Sights, Sounds and
People of Namuli

In 2017, Legado received a Jump Start grant from Google. Jump Start is run by Google to connect creators with virtual reality (VR) cameras and to amplify their content. With this generous funding and equipment, the Legado team, along with filmmaker Ross Henry, created two short VR films to help take people like you to the heart of the mountain.

Mountains = Water = Life

In this 3-minute VR film, filmmaker Ross Henry takes you on a journey to the heart of the mountain. Narrated by the Queen of Namuli, Mountains = Water = Life tells the story about the power of one mountain and its water — tracking water from the rainforests on top of Mount Namuli all the way on its journey to the Indian Ocean — 200 miles away.

Watch the Film Now
Explore Namuli

Explore Namuli is Legado’s new online experience that allows you to tour Namuli in 360. Visit the Murexta Plateau and Namuli’s rainforest, see mud bricks being made under the Namuli sun, join a soccer game and more. If you’ve ever wanted to visit Namuli but don’t want to take the multi-day journey to get there — this is your chance!

Explore Namuli Now