Dr. Fred Boltz is the principal of Resolute Development Solutions an advisory firm specialized in the design, execution and adaptive management of conservation and development programs. His current portfolio focuses on water, climate, and the resilience of human systems. He is an economist by training with a career focused on environment and sustainable development issues globally.

Fred is a former Managing Director for Ecosystems at the Rockefeller Foundation and former Senior Vice President for Global Initiatives at Conservation International . Boltz’ deep conservation expertise derives from over 20 years of experience in developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas. Boltz is a natural resource economist with research and publications on the economics, practice and policy of tropical forestry, ecosystem services and climate change. His broad knowledge draws from experience on the front lines of conservation and community development projects in Madagascar and Rwanda, from cutting edge economic research in Brazil and Bolivia, and 9 years leading CI’s global strategies for conservation and sustainable development