Kassia Macassa,

Assistant Coordinator & Deputy Program Lead | Partner: Namuli Wiwanana | Mozambique

Kassia is a Mozambican conservation biologist who is passionate about nature and people. She believes that local communities have an important role to play in conservation work and have the power to protect and improve the health of our planet. Kassia joined Legado:Namuli in 2022 as Namuli Wiwanana Deputy Program Lead to “empower the communities to continue preserving the important Namuli ecosystem, the biodiversity that lives within it, as well as finding tools and community-led solutions for sustainable development, poverty alleviation and adaptation to climate change”.

Kassia has a degree in Applied Biology from the Eduardo Mondlane University, and received a master’s degree in Management and Conservation of Biodiversity from Eduardo Mondlane University. In 2020, she joined Girl Move, a women-led entrepreneurship and leadership Academy, where she amplified her leadership and mentorship skills by mentoring groups of young women.

She is a collector of succulent plants, she loves birds and in her free time she is learning more about the birds of the North of Mozambique, including Mount Namuli endemic species’s Namuli Apalis.