Marie-Ève Monette

Director of Development | Legado | USA

Marie-Ève is a development strategist with over 15 years of experience working alongside education institutions, human rights nonprofits, activists, and artists on community-led initiatives and audiovisual projects that uplift the knowledges of Indigenous Peoples across the Americas.

Marie-Ève was first an educator, teaching languages to diverse populations, ranging from Peruvian craftsmen and women to university students, in support of their journey to create the futures they wanted to see for themselves and their communities. After completing a Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies at McGill University in 2015, she became an Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, where she worked in collaboration with Indigenous and mestizo filmmakers from the Andes region of Bolivia and Peru, and taught and conducted research on Latin American cinema and Abya Yala Indigenous filmmaking practices.

In 2019, she left academia and continued co-creating access to the resources and networks necessary for filmmakers from Bolivia, Peru, and around the world to make their stories, knowledges, and demands for justice visible to greater audiences. She also dove into development work, translating the grantmaking and fundraising experience acquired through her academic and film work to organizations in the arts, education, and immigrant and Indigenous rights sectors.

These experiences have fostered in her a never-ending desire to create bridges between people and the resources they need to bring their stories and vision to life so that their communities can thrive. She is thrilled to join Legado in support of Indigenous communities building healthy communities and landscapes around the world.

Marie-Ève is originally from Montréal, Canada, and lives in Portland, Oregon, where she loves to bring her friends and family together around food, and spend time outdoors with her partner, toddler, and two dogs.