The Legado Core is a passionate community of monthly donors with a core commitment to protecting the world’s most threatened ecosystems by working hand in hand with the people who call them home.

Join The Legado Core to propel our vision forward through your generosity.

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For just $30 per month, you can provide vital support to Legado’s team as we continue our work on our flagship Sky Island, Mount Namuli, and expend to our second site, Mount Ribaue.

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The core is always the most central and strongest part of any expedition, team, or movement.

Your support is at the heart of Legado’s ambitious vision. By making regular monthly gifts, you propel our vision forward empowering our team to forge valuable partnerships with local communities and seek creative solutions to our world’s most complex conservation and development challenges.

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Why Join The Legado Core?

  • Join a team of donors who share your commitment to protecting our world’s most threatened ecosystems and people who call them home.

  • Get advance notice of Legado events and our unique Champion trips to visit our Sky Islands.

  • Make easy, regular payments directly from your credit card.

  • Be confident knowing that your donations are making long-term impact.

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“What I like most about Legado is the emphasis on partnership with local communities. The team has a firm commitment to involve the people that live on Mount Namuli, rather than just coming in and “saving the the area” without involving the people whose lives are directly impacted by any changes.”

Bill, Legado Core Member

“I joined The Legado Core because I am passionate about conserving our world’s wild and precious places – but not at the expense of people and communities who rely on the land. I give monthly because it makes it easy to maintain my commitment to making an impact on something I care about.”

Leigh, Legado Core Member