Raimundo José Raimundo


Raimundo_Raimundo_Lost_Mountain_300Raimundo José Raimundo, Mozambique, Positive Tracks Next Gen | Undergraduate student majoring in Ecotourism and Wildlife Management at Manica Superior Polytechnic Institute, Chimoio. In 2011, I first traveled to Gorongosa National Park. I have been impressed by how much the park ecosystem restoration has produced good results. I have a passion to be part of this great initiative to protect ecosystems not only Gorongosa but also other conservation areas in my country. To help, I developed a project to Gorongosa National Park-GNP entitled ‘’Movement Patterns and habitats utilization by elephants in GNP’’. My fascination with elephants led me to important discoveries about the social and sexual life and their handling skills and exploration space.

What inspires me to participate in the 2015 Lost Mountain Conservation Symposium is the way it will contribute positively to the enrichment of the professional competencies of the participants. The training we will receive during the Symposium will contribute to an increase in conservation action through interaction of researchers and conservationists.