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Why Centering Women is critical for holistic climate justice

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Dr. Alaka WaliCentering women is a core tenant of Legado’s 360° Community-Led Change approach—and a critical part of advancing climate justice in places important for biodiversity, 80% of which are stewarded by Indigenous Peoples and local communities. In this Q&A, Legado Board Member, anthropologist, and Curator Emerita at Chicago’s Field Museum Dr. Alaka Wali shares why centering women is absolutely … Read More

Meet Leverina—one of the women leading the way on Namuli’s health future

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Women are key community leaders when it comes to creating a Thriving Future. Women like Leverina Ricardo.Leverina lives in Niwiri Village and is part of the Mucunha community in Mozambique. For the past few months, she has been one of the many women helping lead her community as they take collective action to build the community’s very first health center. … Read More

Join us – Support Namuli’s community-led health priorities


A volunteer from the Mucunha community helps build a traditional stove to burn the blocks that will be used to construct the new health centerJoin usSupport Namuli’s community-led health prioritiesDonate TodayWhat: This Fall, Legado is asking friends and donors to support the Mucunha community on Mozambique’s Mount Namuli as they advance their community-identified Thriving Future health priorities. This includes building … Read More



In 2018, after participating in Legado’s Thriving Futures program, Sr. Serrote who lives in Mucunha village near Mount Namuli, Mozambique declared that growing and planting trees was part of his personal legacy. When area communities came together and prioritized a forest restoration program in their action plan, Serrote stepped up to lead the community nursery that grew trees for this … Read More