Welcome to the Sweet Spot: Namuli’s Honey Processing Room


On the slopes of Namuli, our field team continues to work relentlessly with Namuli’s beekeepers to produce quality honey at a fair price. Following a first successful harvest in 2020, we strengthened a partnership with a local honey producer to guarantee a minimum price for the purchase of the honey produced on Namuli.

Building on this momentum, we partnered with Agri-Mel’s to build a pilot Honey Processing Room.  Using small-scale local resources and supporting local entrepreneurs such as the local carpenter, the team built a space entirely dedicated to processing and packing up Namuli’s delicious honey.

The facility is located at the Legado: Namuli office in Gurúè and is where honey magic happens following each honey harvest.

While you may not be able to visit in person, you can check out a mini virtual tour of this sweet new space:

  • Manipulation Area for Uncapping, Extraction and Filtration of Honey Product
  • Bottling Area
  • Storage Area for the Final Product