Garnering Government Support for the Community Conservation Area in Namuli


To kick off 2021 with a bang, we took  another big step forward as we continue to try to have Mount Namuli designated as a community conservation area.

We drafted a letter to the government reflecting Mount Namuli’s national significance as a historical and cultural patrimony and a biodiversity hotspot, endowed with hydrological services and thriving agricultural production that supports residents throughout the province.  The potential for community-led ecotourism was also presented as an opportunity for local economic development to support sustainable natural resource management, demonstrating the need for necessary infrastructure to meet the evident interests in tourism in the town of Gurué and on Mount Namuli.

In the following months, this letter will be used as a fundamental communication tool with governmental and non-governmental partners to gain critical support on the path towards the establishment of Mount Namuli as a legal Community Conservation Area.

Read the letter below!