Community Land Titling on Mount Namuli


Land is an invaluable asset for rural families living around Mount Namuli, as people rely directly on access to arable land, water, and other resources for their livelihoods and household economy. Yet, most land around Mount Namuli is held under informal customary tenure arrangements, and without formal legal recognition of their land rights, communities can struggle to protect their land from being allotted to outside investors.

Land delimitation continues to be one of Legado’s main priorities in 2021 on Mount Namuli. We worked with the communities of Mujaua and Nicau to finalize their land delimitation. Our field technicians organized and attended 14 meetings with local leaders to learn about the history of land use in these communities, find agreement for community boundaries, and to register limits using GPS tools. We are also working to support individual families in registering their land and aim to get 4,000 land titles secured by the end of the year.