Majka on the Lookfar Podcast: Voices from the Wild


Legado Founder & Executive Director, Majka Burhardt, chats with Lookfar CEO, Scott Stone, and guest host, Barbara Merz of Pathfinder International about Legado, Thriving Futures™ and blowing open why Legado isn’t playing in just the conservation lane, or just the development lane, but is in hot pursuit of Thriving Futures for all.

Note: please skip ahead to 4:45 to start the interview here.

Excerpt from Majka’s comments:

We’ve been taught that it’s scary to have mission drift. We’ve been taught that it’s scary to get people’s expectations up. We’ve been taught that it’s scary to be human. We’ve been taught that conservation started with austere scientists who just want to go prove data and therefore we all have fallen in line with more of a non-human way to relate but ultimately what we’re doing at Legado is relating human-to-human. 

…most of the biodiversity that we have a responsibility as a globe to protect, most of the ways that we need to mitigate for this incredible climate change that we’re dealing with— all of it has to start by working with local and indigenous peoples. And to do that we need to meet their priorities– which is a pretty huge cliff to step off of.  And that’s what Legado is all about. 

Lookfar Conservation is dedicated to defending wild and wondrous places and working with the people living in and among them. We help small nonprofits with biodiversity conservation, ecological restoration, and regenerative agriculture projects.