Welcome Matt!

Tara PetersonNews

Matt attended University of Wisconsin-Madison for both his undergraduate degrees in conservation biology, Latin American/Caribbean/Iberian Studies, and Spanish and his Master’s degree in environmental conservation with the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

His environmental conservation capstone project allowed him to work with the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission where his project focused on identifying the needs of different tribal communities in the northern Great Lakes region in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Working with the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, Matt helped create surveys, annotate and catalogue traditional ecological science-based interviews, create a vulnerability assessment for over 70 culturally significant beings, and conduct phenological field studies.

After interning with Legado during his environmental conservation program, Matt will now help monitor and evaluate Legado’s surveys and data input.

Having worked in academic research, governmental organizations, and in non-profit organizations, Matt has seen the effect that each of these entities have on rural and indigenous communities and has found a passion for studying and promoting indigenous people’s rights through collaborative conservation practices and environmental education.

“The holistic approach taken by Legado is very unique and the challenge of pioneering such an inclusive methodology is why I love working with Legado. I am excited and energized to be working with this organization that revolves around the people, partners, and environment they are working with, rather than one that takes a more narrow perspective and neglects the intimate connectedness of communities and the environment.”

Spending most of his free time canoeing in the summer and skiing in the winter, Matt hopes to inspire others to recognize the history of place and to decolonialize the narrative of re-wilding and conservation practices in general.