Majka Burhardt: Founder and Director


Majka Burhardt: Majka is an author, professional climber, and social entrepreneur and is the founder and director of both Legado and Additive Adventure. Majka has over 18-years of experience leading multi-stage international ventures focused on current issues of cultural and global significance spanning Africa, Europe, South and North America. As an organization, Additive Adventure’s mission is to go beyond exploration to build … Read More

Elizabeth O’Neill: Senior Conservation Advisor


Elizabeth is a conservation planning and evaluation specialist with more than 25 years of experience working in environmental conservation. Since 2000, Elizabeth has worked almost exclusively in the international biodiversity conservation sector, supporting strategic planning and leading evaluations of multi-country, regional, and thematic programs. She has served as the lead on program assessment and evaluation for Conservation International, WWF International, … Read More

Eric Wilburn: Project Manager


Eric first became involved with The Lost Mountain project during the May 2014 expedition to Mt. Namuli where he played the role of logistical mastermind, translator and community liaison. Eric served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mozambique from 2012 – 2014 working as an 11th Grade Physics teacher. During his service, he constructed a library at a local primary … Read More

Richard Halsey: Volunteer, South Africa


Richard is a biologist by training, an environmentalist at heart and a wildly passionate rock climber. Work has ranged from albatross research to business manager, canyoning guide to bean counter. Currently, when not off searching for new climbing routes on remote cliffs, he works at a small Non-Profit organization doing its bit for a better tomorrow: 90×2030. Over the years … Read More

My big wall frog catching kit: Kate Rutherford

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Today I packed my big wall frog catching kit. I have a triple set of most cams, and I hope I actually have a crack to put them in. This adventure for me is inspired by rock climbing, a 2,000 foot granite wall, called Mt. Namuli, but it’s the flora and fauna that is actually motivating me to fly to Africa. Tomorrow I launch on an expedition to Mozambique and Malawi that I’ve spent 3 years referring to as a “big wall science project.” (By Kate Rutherford)

Charlie Harrison: Positive Tracks Next Gen Ambassador, USA


An avid ski racer, mountain biker, climber, and all-around outdoorsman, Charlie is our youngest team member. He is on the last leg of a gap year that he has primarily dedicated to competitive ski racing. Although young and inexperienced on this type of an expedition, he knows that he will find himself in his element on the slopes of Mount … Read More

Ready, Set, Go: The Lost Mountain Takes Off


A blog in conjunction with our amazing sponsor Osprey Packs. Four days from today, I meet my international team of scientists, conservation workers, climbers, filmmakers, students, and volunteers at the airport in Blantyre, Malawi. We’re heading to Mozambique; we’re heading to the Lost Mountain. All totaled, 19 people varying in age from 19 to 55, from Brazilians to South Africans, … Read More

One Month Out– Exactly: New Team Members, New Plane Tickets, and Vice Grips


When we postponed our trip in October, I suppose you could say I had a hard time letting go. One morning this winter, my husband, Peter, needed to fix one of his crampons. “Have you seen the vice grips?” he asked. I was making coffee. I offered a somewhat cagey “mmmmhmm” in response. He sighed, “Mozambique quarantine?”

Positive Tracks and Next Gen Power For The Lost Mountain


Want to Double Your Donation to the Lost Mountain? Our partner, Positive Tracks, is a national, youth-centric nonprofit that helps young people get active and give back using the power of sport and adventure AND matches your fundraising dollars up to $20,000.* (By clicking above you’ll be taken to a PayPal site to make your tax-deductible contribution to the Lost Mountain via our fiscal … Read More