The Legado Fellows

Formerly known as “Next Gens”, the Legado Fellows have been key actors with LEGADO since the beginning. From two awesome Legado Fellows joining us on our 2014 expedition to hosting 33 students and conservation experts at the 2015 Next Gen Symposium in Mozambique, the Legado Fellows play a key role in conservation and development initiatives in our target areas.

The 2015 Next Gen Symposium
July 10-21, 2015 – Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique

The 2015 Next Gen Symposium was a unique opportunity for participants to elevate the conversation, connections, and skills available to university students passionate about conserving the natural world and driving positive change for human societies. 

During the twelve-day conference leaders in conservation from around the world introduced African and American to conservation planning and management principles, leadership development models, Leave No Trace techniques, and examinations of contemporary challenges facing conservation and development. The Symposium offered a chance for participants to explore a multidisciplinary approach to conservation, science, and natural resource stewardship in conjunction with learning hands-on skills for working in these environments and forging key connections with current and future leaders.  Our 2015 Symposium team was composed of twenty-seven African Fellows (over 50% from Mozambique and others from Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South America) and six US Fellows.

sponsors-PositiveTracks-logoOur 2015 Symposium was made possible, in part, by Positive Tracks, a national, youth-centric nonprofit that helps young people get active and give back using the power of sport and adventure. Read more about our partnership here.

“The Symposium has greatly enhanced my theoretical knowledge from university with practical skills and understanding. At schools here in Mozambique, we study a lot about the environment, but we don’t see the environment as very few students have the opportunity and resources to go to the field. Field visits like the ones we participated in here are so important because when you’re here, you see the wilderness,
and more importantly, you feel the world around you.”

– Maria Muchanga Davissone Graduate student at Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique

Join us in 2017 for our Next Legado Fellows Symposium