Flavia Esteves: Lead Scientist, California Academy of Sciences, USA


Flavia Esteves: Ph.D. in Entomology, and postdoctoral fellow at California Academy of Sciences, USA. Flavia has been studying ants for more than 10 years, integrating fieldwork, taxonomy, and community ecology analysis to discover and describe ant diversity and patterns of distribution, particularly in rainforest habitats. She has extensive field experience in remote locations including Argentina, Brazil, Madagascar, Peru, Saudi Arabia, … Read More

Kate Rutherford: Professional Climber, USA


Kate Rutherford: Rock climber, storyteller and artist who takes the beauty of vertical landscapes and crafts it in to stories which inspire climbers to protect the natural environment they love to play in. Recent new climbing routes on Fitz Roy, Argentina, Acopon Tepui, Venezuela, and Brandberg, Namibia. Owner of Suspended Stone Design, fly fishing guide for Alaska Wild River Fish. … Read More

Geraldo Palalane: Regional Conservation Implementer, Mozambique

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Geraldo Palalane LUPA

This is Geraldo Palalane, he is the head of our Conservation Team for the Lost Mountain project. He’s the project officer at LUPA (Associacao para o Desenvolvimento Comunitario), has 16 years experience in conservation and tourism management, is a former member of Mozambique national handball team, the father of two-up-and-coming swim racers, and this week, he is about to go one full mile higher in elevation than he’s ever been before on Mt. Namuli with his conservation partners and our science and climbing crews. Teamwork at great heights