The Power of Legacy

The cumulative impact of individual actions sets the trajectory of the future. When people think of their lives as having a legacy, they are emboldened to conceive and drive their own vision for a thriving future.

Legado works to activate the power of legacy around the world so that people and their natural environment can thrive together – now and into the future.


In 2019, Sr. Felizardo Albino Trigo in Mozambique declared that part of his legacy is to become a role model within his community to protect standing trees and plant new ones. For the past two years, he has planted and cared for acacia seedlings along local roads.

Sr. Felizardo knows that taking small steps every day to nurture these seedlings can add up to important changes in the future. Trees like acacias improve rainfall catchment, regenerate soil quality, prevent erosion, and provide safe habitats for bees, birds, and other wildlife.

After only two years, the seedlings have grown quickly and are now over twice as tall as Sr. Felizardo.


Legacy in Action