Grant Bemis


Grant Bemis: Digital Assets Coordinator | USA

Grant Bemis is an accomplished photographer, media specialist, educator, environmental advocate, and expedition planner. He has a masters in Exploration Science from the University of Miami, and his work experience as a conservationist, field logistics manager, and photojournalist continues to bring him to unique and critically important spaces. His work and passion for ecology have taken him all over the world, from the mountains of Zambezia in Northern Mozambique, to extended sailing voyages throughout the Caribbean. Grant maintains a number of personal projects such as documentary film and multimedia initiatives. Two highlights include With the Winds, an environmental sailing voyage and film working in association with NOAA, Ocean Conservancy, Adventure Scientists for Conservation, and SEA Semester, as well as Swamp Scapes, A VR and multi-platform exploration of Florida’s most endangered ecosystem, the Everglades. His approach as Digital Assets Coordinator is narrative-driven, with a strong focus on reintroducing the concepts of intrinsic value and bringing joy to the masses. Grant is a leader, a team player, and is most at peace when pursuing his passions in the field.