Following Local Know-How to Create Thriving Futures


What’s one of the best ways to create a future for thriving people and thriving places? Restoring local plants and trees!  The Legado Namuli program supports thriving futures by identifying the right trees and shrubs that are best for the Namuli ecosystem and keep fires at bay.

How do we do it? First, we turned to Namuli’s residents to help us better understand which species that existed locally were most important, and what the role was of each species in the lives of Namuli residents. Next, our field team and community members collected and documented traditional ecological knowledge to create a tree reintroduction plan that is locally relevant in their communities.

To go even further, we then built a database for cataloging information on locally-relevant species such as murala and nivevereia and their local uses including medicinal, construction and shade.  The database includes local species names, scientific names, location, habitat, local uses, as well as information on growth, flowering, and local reproduction strategies.  Furthermore, the database is linked with photos that allow for identification and verification of each species.

The information collected in the Namuli Species Database and will inform the development of a Tree Introduction Landscape Strategy, as well as the selection of important species for the community-run nurseries and seedling distributions to meet the needs and interests of Namuli communities, co-creating future healthy landscapes and lifestyles one species at a time.