Legado: A small word with lasting impact…

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Did you know legado means legacy in Portuguese (one of the main languages in Mozambique) and in Spanish?

Legado works to activate the power of legacy around the world so that people and the natural resources upon which they depend on can thrive together – now and into the future.

The power of legacy starts when an individual, community, or collaborative arrives at a vision for a thriving future and are emboldened to take the steps needed to realize that vision.

In 2019, Sr. Felizardo Albino Trigo declared that part of his legacy would be to become a role model within his community to protect standing trees and plant new ones. And so, for the past two years, Sr. Felizardo has been caring for the acacia seedlings that were planted along the roadside leading to the base of Mount Namuli. He knew that taking small steps every day to nurture these seedlings would add up to big change in the future. Trees like acacias improve rainfall catchment, regenerate soil quality, prevent erosion, and provide safe habitats for bees and other important bugs, birds and creatures, among other things.

Every day for the past two years, Sr. Felizardo has tended to these trees and ensured they could thrive.

And thrive they have. The seedlings have grown quickly and are now over twice as tall as Sr. Felizardo.

A legacy is something you build every day. We honored Sr. Felizardo’s legacy last week with a celebration of printed photographs, a letter and celebratory dancing and music. Together, we honored his commitment to leading change and his optimism for a brighter future.

Legado is growing and bringing our model of activating legacy to new key biodiversity areas around the world. Click here to read about our new partnership with the the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT), and the Namunyak Community Conservancy Group in the Mathews Mountain Range in Kenya. Or click here to learn more about our Global R&D sites.