The Guardians of Reteti


In November, we’re taking six friends of Legado to Kenya for our 2021 Legacy Expedition. As part of this experience, participants will visit the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, a that cares for orphaned and abandoned elephant calves with an aim of releasing them back into nearby wild herds.

Reteti is operated by the Samburu communities of the Namunyak Community Conservancies, Legado’s newest partner, and it was established at the request of local communities who wanted to take the lead in rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing elephants within their home range.

Reteti is a great example of the growing grassroots movement of community-driven conservation across northern Kenya; a movement that is growing new economies, transforming lives, and conserving natural resources.Check out this awesome 4 minute video about the guardians of Reteti to learn more: What to join our Legacy Expedition? There are still a few spots left, so sign up today!