Next Gen Report from The Field: Grant Bemis


A month ago I finished up my time volunteering on the Lost Mountain Project in Mozambique and Malawi. My time in Africa was a compilation of intense, non-stop, awe-inspiring experiences; difficult to appreciate all of it while it was happening. I was there as a volunteer, and an ambassador for Positive Tracks–a national, youth-centric nonprofit that helps young people get … Read More

Big Wall Science


In a former life I was a full-time climbing guide. That means I would normally know better than to introduce people to climbing for the first time on vegetated granite slabs interspersed with dirt and bush-choked chimneys.

Ready, Set, Go: The Lost Mountain Takes Off


A blog in conjunction with our amazing sponsor Osprey Packs. Four days from today, I meet my international team of scientists, conservation workers, climbers, filmmakers, students, and volunteers at the airport in Blantyre, Malawi. We’re heading to Mozambique; we’re heading to the Lost Mountain. All totaled, 19 people varying in age from 19 to 55, from Brazilians to South Africans, … Read More

Setting Off For the Lost Mountain

mburhardtMajka, News

By Majka Burhardt Tomorrow I head to Mozambique. Actually, that is a lie. Tomorrow I fly from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia via the Congo to Lilongwe Malawi and then to Blantyre Malawi. It’s Tuesday I head overland in Mozambique itself. I’m ready. Over two years ago I came across photos of granite faces in Mozambique. I had no idea that those … Read More