Cyclone Idai in Mozambique: What We Know and How You Can Help

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On March 14th Cyclone Idai unleashed her fury on central Mozambique as well as neighbouring Zimbabwe, Madagascar and Malawi. It is one of the worst tropical cyclones on record in Africa and has left upwards of 800 people dead and hundreds more missing in Mozambique alone.  In its wake, a major humanitarian crisis is unfolding. The International Committee of the ... Read More

Leadership + Legacy on Mount Namuli

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Last week, I returned from a trip to Mozambique. It was the first time since I had the twins that I had travelled that long and that far away from them.  I left my home and journeyed 8,000 miles to meet with new and old friends on Mount Namuli because we had a future to craft together.  It was a ... Read More

Do you want to go to Mount Namuli?

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A lot of people have been asking me recently if they can come visit Mount Namuli and meet the people who call this special place home. In response, we've teamed up with Google Jump and filmmaker Ross Henry to create a 3-minute Virtual Reality film, Mountains = Water = Life, to take you right to the heart of the mountain. Mountains = ... Read More

The impact of your support + encouragement

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Today, it's a pleasure to share our 2017 Annual Report with you. Hot off the digital press, the report is full of stories, photos and even music (yes, Namuli now has an official community conservation song!) straight from our field team in Mozambique. This year was all about relationships. From investing in local leaders to supporting them to learn best practices around ... Read More

will you stand with the Namuli community today?

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I’m sure you agree with me that education is a basic human right. This year, the Namuli community has taken a stand for their future: the future of their rainforest, of their farms, of their children and the generations to come. More than 500 children of the Murrabue community who call Mount Namuli home and are in need a new ... Read More

You really want to watch Namuli!

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Haven't had the chance to watch Namuli, yet? Fear not - this weekend is the perfect time to dig into this 30 minute story about how an unconventional climbing expedition unlocked a standstill on one of Africa's most important mountain ecosystems— Mount Namuli, Mozambique. Vertical biology, community conservation, and a really run out slab climb— it’s all in the film.  ... Read More

Watch Namuli, the film, today!

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Today I’m honored to release Namuli worldwide on YouTube.  Watch the film TodayNamuli is a film about the spirit of adventure and pushing the boundaries of science, climbing, and conservation on Mozambique's Mount Namuli. The film follows our team on an unconventional climbing expedition that was spurred by curiosity. Curiosity about a granite rock face, and also about how to use climbing to ... Read More

A year of conservation, community and impact

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It’s my pleasure to share with you Legado’s first-ever Annual Report: a big-picture look at the impact you have made in Mozambique through your generous support. Read About Your ImpactTogether, we put Mount Namuli on the global conservation priority list, hosted permagarden training for over 100 locals, shared Namuli, the film, on 31 stages in 8 countries and more. We're a lean shop ... Read More

Let’s build a thriving future

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In 2011, I became enamoured--obsessed even--with Mozambique’s Mount Namuli. While climbing led me to this granite monolith, the opportunity to create a marked difference in the lives of Namuli’s communities has kept me there, as the founder of Legado. Today, Legado is an international initiative that builds thriving futures for the world’s most threatened mountain ecosystems and the people who call ... Read More

Adventure When and Where it Matters

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By Majka Burhardt and Sarah Garlick A month ago we left Mozambique and Malawi. Less than a year from now we will be back. How much time does it take to gain perspective? Our goal for this initial trip was simple: to learn if an expedition pairing science, climbing, adventure, and conservation would be possible on Mozambique’s Mt. Namuli. Here is … Read More