My big wall frog catching kit: Kate Rutherford

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Today I packed my big wall frog catching kit. I have a triple set of most cams, and I hope I actually have a crack to put them in. This adventure for me is inspired by rock climbing, a 2,000 foot granite wall, called Mt. Namuli, but it’s the flora and fauna that is actually motivating me to fly to Africa. Tomorrow I launch on an expedition to Mozambique and Malawi that I’ve spent 3 years referring to as a “big wall science project.” (By Kate Rutherford)

Setting Off For the Lost Mountain

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By Majka Burhardt Tomorrow I head to Mozambique. Actually, that is a lie. Tomorrow I fly from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia via the Congo to Lilongwe Malawi and then to Blantyre Malawi. It’s Tuesday I head overland in Mozambique itself. I’m ready. Over two years ago I came across photos of granite faces in Mozambique. I had no idea that those … Read More