Garnering Government Support for the Community Conservation Area in Namuli

To kick off 2021 with a bang, we took  another big step forward as we continue to try to have Mount Namuli designated as a community conservation area. We drafted a letter to the government reflecting Mount Namuli’s national significance as a historical and cultural patrimony and a biodiversity hotspot, endowed with hydrological services and thriving agricultural production that supports ... Read More

Six months and counting of community activism for good health

During the past six months the community health activists have become an integral part of our work with the Namuli communities. Through lectures, home visits, and using the tools and resources provided by the District Health Authority, community activists educated their communities on how to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thriving futures are not just about the ... Read More

Announcing our newest partnership program, Legado: Mathews

Community meeting in the Namunyak Community Conservancy | Photo by Vivian Jebet, NRT Legado is pleased to announce our newest partnership, Legado: Mathews, working to create Thriving Futures with Samburu communities in the Mathews Mountain Range in Kenya. Legado: Mathews began in 2020 in collaboration with the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT), and the Namunyak Community Conservancy Group, whose conservancies are ... Read More

Welcome to the Sweet Spot: Namuli’s Honey Processing Room

On the slopes of Namuli, our field team continues to work relentlessly with Namuli’s beekeepers to produce quality honey at a fair price. Following a first successful harvest in 2020, we strengthened a partnership with a local honey producer to guarantee a minimum price for the purchase of the honey produced on Namuli. Building on this momentum, we partnered with ... Read More

Namuli Beekeepers’ Vision of a Thriving Future

Since the very beginning, we have always believed in supporting people's visions and plans to spark and sustain change. Recently, we have been working with Namuli's beekeepers to create visions and goals for the future of their beehives. Through open conversations with beekeepers, we are mapping and illustrating current assets, future plans, and the resources they needed to achieve each ... Read More

Legado: A small word with lasting impact…

Did you know legado means legacy in Portuguese (one of the main languages in Mozambique) and in Spanish? Legado works to activate the power of legacy around the world so that people and the natural resources upon which they depend on can thrive together – now and into the future. The power of legacy starts when an individual, community, or ... Read More

Following Local Know-How to Create Thriving Futures

What’s one of the best ways to create a future for thriving people and thriving places? Restoring local plants and trees!  The Legado Namuli program supports thriving futures by identifying the right trees and shrubs that are best for the Namuli ecosystem and keep fires at bay. How do we do it? First, we turned to Namuli’s residents to help ... Read More

From (Sky Island) Farm to Table: The Tomato Value Chain

Tomatoes can travel a long way from farm to plate. And, whether you are a tomato farmer in the slopes of Mount Namuli or a frequent buyer of tomatoes at the grocery store somewhere in North America, you might not know just how far they travel to be a tasty treat. Over the past month, our team in Gurué organized ... Read More

Stopping Uncontrolled Fires – The Work of Women Beekeepers

The apiary of Dona Rosita Faustino is located among forest and alongside the Malema River in the community of Murrabué, with the waters of the river and standing trees acting as a natural fence for the hives. The other day, a couple of youngsters were hunting around this same area, using fire to catch small rodents. This traditional hunting technique, ... Read More

Namuli’s Community Health Activists

Resuming work with the communities of Mount Namuli came with an incredible amount of preparation and hard work as we sought to continue impactful work, while limiting the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Legado Namuli’s support of community health activists to educate Namuli’s residents on methods of prevention has become an integrated piece of the everyday work with communities. Community health ... Read More