A Community Called Courage

On the flanks of Mount Namuli sits the small but mighty town of Murrabué.  In years past, it wasn’t uncommon for the October skies to be filled with grey smoke and to have ash falling on the thatched houses of the community. The autumn in Murrabué is the fire season. Whether wild fires were started because of lightning strikes, people … Read More

Community Facilitators: Building the Foundation for Land Security

Individual and community land rights and the legal recognition of these lands is a foundational step in planning for thriving futures. The Legado Namuli team has dedicated a large part of the last year to laying the groundwork for securing land tenure in the communities surrounding Mount Namuli. Beginning with the Natural Resource Management Committees, the team developed trainings and ... Read More

Cabbage Seeds Self Production

The Legado Namuli Project is prioritizing seed access for producers and supporting horticultural production as an alternative to potato cultivation in Mount Namuli’s upland forests. Cabbage is a key crop for Namuli’s farmers; however, in order to acquire cabbage seeds, they depend on purchasing the seeds from industrial suppliers. This can present a limiting step on the path towards production. As ... Read More

Ricardina Leads the Way for Sustainability

Ricardina Maria Osorio Vieira grew up in a small town in the shadow of Mount Namuli ­— so it should not come as a surprise that she has chosen to spend her career protecting the mountain ecosystem that was such a big part of her childhood. As a part of our Namuli field team, Ricardina has been an invaluable part ... Read More

The Way to Conservation is Paved by Honeycombs

From April through August, the Legado Namuli team worked one-on-one with Namuli’s beekeepers to support them in reaching their goals for sustainable honey harvesting throughout the mountains’ forests and woodlands.  Individual meetings were held with Namuli’s beekeepers to lay a foundation of mutual understanding on the path towards a shared vision for sweet futures -- ones that are abundant with ... Read More

Honey for the Long Run

On Mount Namuli, strong and steady wins the race, and the same goes for honey.  A successful honey harvest is a result of a strong and steady learning collaboration with the beekeepers of Namuli.  It is the result of the dedication of their minds, the work of their hands and of course, their relationship with the bees. The Legado: Namuli ... Read More

Finding a Place Among the Trees

It is Thursday morning and the motorcycles that are packed with three wooden capture boxes have just arrived at the home of Evaristo Joaquim.  Inácio Joseph, Celestino Hilário and Evaristo, three of Namuli’s beekeepers, wait for the Legado: Namuli field team as they bring their supplies around the fire.  The beekeepers are growing more familiar with working with the capture ... Read More

Seeds for Conservation

Seed security is fundamental in achieving food security.  Saving seeds for future agricultural campaigns increases farmer autonomy and reduces their initial investment in purchasing seeds from shops that are in the city.  Seed conservation is a key part of planning for thriving futures, and Namuli’s farmers are all about it. The Legado Namuli Field Team hosted participatory workshops for farmers ... Read More

From Seed to Harvest: Improving Bean Production on Mount Namuli

On Mount Namuli, the common bean is an important high value-added cash crop that can provide income when farmers are waiting to harvest the crops they have planted.  Also known as seasonal hunger, or the lean season, food is scarce and families do not yet have income to purchase supplementary food.  For the farmers of Namuli, a strong and reliable ... Read More

Improving Tomato Production on Mount Namuli

You say potato, I say potato.  You say tomato, I say tomato.  So what do they have to do with each other?  Well, on Mount Namuli irish potatoes are the main driver of deforestation.  They are a highly lucrative crop, are grown in the highlands and have incentivised farmers to cut down acres of forest to make space for potato ... Read More