Drawing on the success and lessons learned from Mount Namuli, Legado and LUPA are currently building toward a larger Legado Sky Island Initiative. The Sky Island Initiative will bring the Legado: Namuli site-scale, local-leader driven conservation and development method to other inselbergs in Mozambique.

Potential inselbergs to be included by this effort alongside Namuli include Mount Mabu, Mount Chiperone, Mount Ribaue, and Mount Inago. Mounts Mabu and Chiperone are both designated as a Level 1 Priority Key Biodiversity Area by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund and Important Bird Areas. All of the mountains are recognized as havingextensive endemic and highly threatened species with ongoing critical new scientific discoveries.

Similar to Namuli, all four peaks are inhabited by local communities who rely on them heavily for ecosystem services. At the same time, there is marked absence of local government involvement in these areas—for conservation activities or social services. To date, nonprofit organizations have made some important inroads at some of these sites but none have achieved formal protection nor effective management of biodiversity resources.

Similar to the model Legado has applied in partnering with LUPA, Legado aims to partner with organizations currently working on the other mountains within the scope of the Legado Sky Island Initiative—providing institutional support, strategic program design and technical backstopping directly to partner organizations in an effort to build capacity and create sustainable conservation initiatives. On a larger scale, Legado will continue to advance the agenda of the Legado Sky Island Initiative with international partners and stakeholders.