Sky Islands: Where We’re Heading

In 2019, Legado is proud to share that we’re expanding, and we’re doing so as part of our work with Sky Islands.

What is a Sky Island?

A Sky Island is a mountain that has exceptionally high biodiversity in an exceptionally small area — like Mount Namuli.

In Mozambique, Sky Islands account for only 0.3% of the landmass but have:

Over 20% of all of Mozambique’s birds

20% of its herpetological biodiversity

Nearly 60% of Mozambique’s butterfly species

25% of the country’s plant diversity

Sky Islands are also critical for seeding clouds and producing rain.

Sky Islands capture 40% more dry season rainfall, per area, than non-Sky Islands — providing a critical water tower effect in drought-prone countries like Mozambique.

The water that Sky Islands capture is pivotal for Indigenous communities at the source and downstream. That means that Mount Namuli’s 12,000 people are the guardians for a water source which supports more than 1 Million of their fellow Mozambicans.

Legado is excited to expand our work creating community led and owned grassroots solutions — solutions that protect biodiversity and ecosystem services, and make a better and more sustainable life for the people who call the mountains home.

Because of your ongoing support and encouragement, we will take our learnings from Mount Namuli with us as we expand to new Sky Islands. Our next Sky Island will be in Mozambique and we are evaluating opportunities in other countries.